Community Care Worker

Reporting to: Care Coordinator & Home Care Manager

Location: Monmouthshire & Gwent

Hours: Cluster hours throughout the week

Job Purpose:
• To assist in or provide social, emotional and practical support which can include personal care to people with mental health and associated problems.
• To work alongside Case Workers, Social Workers, Local MH Teams, (MDT) Multi-Disciplinary Teams, (CPN) Community Psychiatric Nurses to support people to live independently and manage their own mental health, while keeping their independence.
• To comply with and maintain all necessary administrative and report systems and documentation associated with this role.
Support Work
• To support CPN’s and Local Mental Health Teams in the assessment of needs of individuals referred to the service, obtaining additional information, as necessary.
• To effectively manage and maintain one’s own case load to ensure that an effective service is delivered to our clients.
• To work with our clients, their CPNs and Local Mental Health Team to draw up support plans to meet identified needs and ensure support is delivered in line with the support plan.
• To support our clients in moving towards independent living in a recovery orientated way.
• To review progress and relevance of risk assessments and support plans and update accordingly to ensure that risk is managed effectively, monitored on a regular basis.
• To encourage our clients to provide their views on the service, e.g. through feedback surveys.
• To liaise with other agencies with and on behalf of service users as part of planned support, to include participation in joint meetings and case reviews, ensuring collaboration and effective support planning
• To support our clients to access information and advice in order that they are able to make informed choices in matters that affect them, to promote their independence.

Administrative Requirements:
• To keep accurate notes of all support provided in line with funding requirements
• To ensure that risk assessments, support plans and reviews are maintained up to date.
• To ensure all relevant information is shared with colleagues and other services as appropriate.
• To ensure all service communication methods are used appropriately and effectively.
• To ensure that IT systems are used effectively and in line with organisational procedures
e.g. use of e-mail and database systems.
• To provide all relevant information to the coordinator and external organisations as required.
Expectations & Values
To carry out all duties in a manner that reflects the duty of care by Penpergwm Home Care:
• Work with integrity and dignity and with an understanding of privacy 2. Inspire and support people to exceed their expectations
• Develop a culture that is embracing and respectful of difference
• Communicate honestly and openly
• Be a service that is ambitious, creative and determined
• Create environments that are collaborative, supportive and empowering
• Be respected for our knowledge and expertise
• Be prepared to undertake the All Wales Induction Framework to ensure you adhere to regulations.