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Nursing Nostalgia

January 27, 2021

Making Music, Makes Us Smile

January 22, 2021

Our Peggy turns 96!

January 20, 2021





Our Promise of Care

Penpergwm House Residential Care Home is a family run care home near Abergavenny with a legacy of over 30 years as a Residential home and Day Care. Our reputation has been built on our outstanding quality of service and our focus on bespoke person-centred care.

Respecting the next stage of life for an older person means truly supporting you to make the right choices and decisions regarding you or your relative’s care going forward. Our promise of care is to endeavour to guide you through this progression; to ensure that our main priority is understanding and fully appreciating the needs of each and every individual client.

Throughout all our organisation, our care provision has been created and tailored to enrich and complement a maturing lifestyle with all elements of quality of life: comfort, nourishment, activities, entertainment and socialising, viewed as fundamental and of equal importance.

We are proud to be able to provide a wide range of care of the elderly options within Penpergwm House and its sister company Penpergwm Home Care which is a Home Care provider. These include long term care and end of life care. Choice and options are paramount to how we think about caring. Integrity, compassion and dedication are at the core of everything Penpergwm House Residential Care Home does.

Pagoda view


I DO thank all the staff at Penpergwm for doing such a stirling job of looking after her. I visited yesterday with my cousin and we both thought she was looking better than we had seen her for some time. Your care really is outstanding and she was looking forward to joining in THREE programme events yesterday afternoon. Well done for all that you organise.
Jill Tovey, daughter of Ann Lees, current PH Resident

Penpergwm House; one word covers it – superb!

We’ve always found all the staff very welcoming and accommodating and can’t recommend them enough, they make the home feel more like a friendly, family run hotel, than a care home.

It was a lovely surprise to see dad's photos and story on your website today and to hear his recollections on his canoeing. It’s lovely to also see all the other pictures. It’s reassuring knowing he’s being looked after so well. Thank you for all you do for him.

Liz McNally (daughter of current  PH resident)

We first contacted Penpergwm when my 88 year old father came out of hospital unwell. This was the first time he had really ever been ill and was very nervous about being at home on his own. It was decided that as he had an operation pending he would go into Penpergwm for a respite period to build up his confidence and strength. 
First impressions of the home were fantastic, a real fire in the entrance hall and the building and gardens are lovely. The staff were all very friendly and treated patients with great care and respect. The activities provided are amazing; quizzes, exercise classes, art, film, music, games, outings, etc. and are open to visitors as well as residents. The food menus change every week and there is always a choice. 
Penpergwm is a very well run and caring home and I would not hesitate to recommend it. The team are very considerate and aware that making the decision to put your loved ones into a home is not an easy one even if just for a short period of time.

Alison (daughter of current PH resident)

When mum decided she would like to move into a residential care home rather than have 24/7 home care, we took quite some time find a home we were happy for her to spend her remaining years in.
The facilities available, which we saw on our tour, were second to none. When it came to showing mum around a couple of days later, even though the staff offered her the chance to gradually move in by doing a couple hours or half day, “day visits”, mum just turned around and said, “no I just want to move in as soon as possible”. This is from a very proud and independent lady, so it’s a firm stamp of approval.
We’ve always found all the staff very welcoming and accommodating and can’t recommend them enough, they make the home feel more like a friendly, family-run hotel, than a care home. Our only hope is, that it’s still the same when our time comes to make the move.

Matthias H (Son of current PH resident)

To friends at Penpergwm,

Thank you very much for looking after me in February when I felt so poorly. I am grateful for your kindness and company during my stay with you all.  I am enclosing a few biscuits for your staff room where you have your much earned breaks.

The medical attention and personal care and friendship was great.

Very best wishes to you all, Shirley Jones

A huge thank you for last Sunday’s Film & Tea event. Your staff provided a warm welcome and such care and attention throughout. Everyone enjoyed a very lovely afternoon and wish to convey their deep thanks, All the best wishes, Kevin.

Thank you for caring for Ken for the few weeks for me while I had my knee op – I am now quite recovered, and well! (A special thank you to Tim and Tatiana.)

Marie Smith (Wife of Ken)

My sister and mother are both looking forward to the Taster Day at Penpergwm and I am sure they will have a fabulous experience there.

Thank you also for so quickly arranging the Domicillary Care for mum regarding the Friday morning breakfast call and transport. We are truly grateful to you for this as it really will be a great blessing not only for mum but also for Caroline and myself.

I cannot recommend highly enough the support and care we have received from you all and will happily complete your survey....

BW - Current Day Care Family Member

My mother attends Penpergwm for the day twice a week. She is picked up and taken home at the end of the day. Mum looks forward to her days there, she particularly enjoys the organised activities, the garden and trips out. I am grateful for the respite, as it gives me a couple of days a week I can relax in the knowledge mum is well cared for and having a nice time. Recently Mum became a resident for a period of a couple of weeks. This had to be arranged at short notice, the staff arranged this efficiently and Mum was given a lovely room. The staff already knew her and vice a versa which helped mum settle. The staff encouraged mum to maintain as much independence as possible and were available if needed.

SS - Current Day Care and Respite Client's daughter

Thank you and all the wonderful staff at Penpergwm for looking after Aunt Olive so well these last 7 years.  Please pass on our gratitude to everyone from the carers, to the cleaners, to the maintenance men and all the admin staff - you all helped to make Olive's life so much better...she learnt so many new skills, she visited so many new places of interest and of course made new friends...Relative of a resident of PH

"Words alone will never express sufficiently our gratitude for the care and kindness you have shown our father over the last few years.  We will always be eternally grateful..."  A letter from RM's family

...Now for the biggest THANK YOU to you and all the staff at Penpergwm House for the love and excellent care you gave Dad whilst he was with you, he was really happy.  Also for the kindness and support given to me and my family when we visited or phoned, we felt very at home with  you all, it was like visiting family.  It was so reassuring to know that when we left Dad in your care we knew he was being so well looked after.  We will miss you all....

Exert from a letter from GB's family

Thank you for everything you do....we are extremely grateful for everything you do and your patience...

Brother and Sister of Current Client CD

We cannot thank you wonderful people enough for all the care and love you give to Peggy and all the other Residents - much love to you all

H, L, J and A - family members of a current resident 

To all the Carers at Penpergwm, 

We send our heartfelt and sincere thanks to you all.  You have shone like stars...your bravery, dedication and selfless care is a lesson to us all.

Thank you all so much

R & C Williams - family of Current Resident

Mum had such a lovely stays with you and is looking forward to coming back...

AR - daughter of Respite Client

Dear Georgie and all the team,

Thank you all for the wonderful care and endless fun that you provide for mum. I have only just found the messaging Service - I have sent one and will now send regular ones to mum. Also, our daughters will be having a go - so hopefully Mum will get loads of contacts .

You all do an amazing job and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart 💔.

With love to you all,

Lou (PS’s daughter)

Your own and PH staff efforts to keep our families safe have been tremendous and much appreciated by all residents’ families I’m sure.  The fact that you have managed to remain infection free is such an achievement and, as you say, with the vaccine within our sights, it would be foolish to risk anything ahead of its roll out. 

It’s reassuring to hear that PH staff will be vaccinated very soon and hopefully residents not too long afterwards.  Whilst it’s a great shame the timing of the lockdown falls as it does, at Christmas, we had already agreed with Ruby that she would not come out to us this year due to the risk posed to her and other residents should she contract the virus, and we know you will provide them with a wonderful party atmosphere instead. Thank you once again for all you have done to keep the residents safe and happy

Best wishes

Lesley (RD’s daughter)

Thank you very much for your e-mail and the letter from Monmouthshire Council. As you so rightly say we are living through extremely difficult and challenging times and Richard and I are very grateful for everything that you have put in place to protect the residents at Penpergwm House over so many months. It is an amazing feat and a tribute to your complete care and love for the residents. We appreciate everything you have done and cannot thank you enough for your patient care and kindness towards RC. 

Thank you again

 I totally support you and Tracey in this.  You have been wonderful in keeping residents safe so far; you're clearly doing the right thing.
Very best wishes, and thanks to all of the PH Team, as always
TS (Current Resident's Son)

You have been a real trooper and done all possible, but others I feel, have no comprehension of the measures taken by individual care homes like yourself with regards to safety and care. 

For our sake, don't give up, or feel that you have wasted your time with all that you have done. 

You will always have our support 


Colin and Ruth (MH’s family)

Penpergwm has been first class through all this dreadful year-of course I am sad not to be seeing Mummy but at the same time your residents safety is the most important thing.

I know how difficult these decisions are and only yesterday we canceled all our church services until further notice -sadly things are not going in the right direction but we are so close to those vaccines that to fall at the last hurdle would be catastrophic!!

We are all behind you don't worry and thank you all for everything you are doing to keep are precious relatives safe.

 Fiona (JD’s daughter)


Thank you Georgie for keeping us in the loop.

The safety of the staff and residents are absolutely paramount.

I know that this decision has not been made lightly, so I am sending you all big hugs, for carrying on and caring for our relatives in your usual professional, cheerful and loving way, throughout this nightmare of a pandemic.

Will look forward to seeing the update as we go further into this wave.

With love to you all,

LJ x (PS’s daughter)

Dear Georgie and Everyone

I completely understand and support your decision entirely.  I know it must be very difficult but as you have so wonderfully remained Covid free throughout all this, it would be such a shame to fall at the end.

Thanks to all of you for all of your hard work and commitment throughout this terrible year.

I hope you all have a very happy Christmas, I know you will do everything to make it so for all the residents, and let us all hope that 2021 is a better year for everyone.

Kindest regards

KH (RD’s daughter)

Thank you for your email concerning visiting. We expected the change because of the surge in Covid cases and fully support your decision. Keeping the home free of the virus requires constant vigilance and must be stressful for all the staff, but especially for yourself and Tracey who make the ultimate decisions. I am very grateful for your care and dedication.

 Kind regard, Helen  (DH’s daughter).

We cannot thank you enough for all you and the staff do for Mum.

Cheers J and A Sambrook


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