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Beach-side Reminiscing #Happyhour!

July 2, 2020

When taking the photo today, Lorna has learnt that you don’t ask Peggy Sambrook if she can show a bit of leg and not expect her to put us all to shame!?  #95andstillgotitinspades #beachsidereminiscing #happyhour #icecreamsandrosé!!

Third Rounds of Testing Complete

July 1, 2020

We are continuing our regular weekly testing for Covid 19 and will continue to do so until the the guidance and government indicate the risk is reduced.  We are very proud of keeping the virus from the Home and our Home Care service and will do whatever it takes for that to remain the case. …

Beer Tasting

June 30, 2020

So after the wine and the fruit teas, it seemed only right to give this range of beverages a go!  Another popular afternoon funnily enough!  Although Alan was appalled that we were opening so many bottles – insisting that the rule is that we must finish one prior to ever opening another one!  The weather…

Mozart & a Fruit Ice

June 25, 2020

It’s extremely hot today and although some are enjoying the garden the Mozart afternoon in the Studio with a refreshing ice lolly appealed to others!  With our resident aficionado Charles leading the discussion, Brenda wasn’t far behind with her knowledge too  -as for Audrey our conductor who remarked she could listen to that all day…

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