Barbara’s Secret Talent

June 17, 2021

As we get to know our Residents, there is nothing nicer than discovering new and wonderful things about them every day.  Barbara has only been with us for a under a month so when she chose to settle down at the piano and serenade nearby Residents with stunning playing, it was so appreciated and a…

Smiley Happy Ice Creamers

June 16, 2021

Thank you Pudd’s Whippy for making a beautiful June day so special.  Ice cream for all – and it was every bit as joyous as these pictures show….  

Happy Birthday Jean

June 15, 2021

Our lovely Jean had a beautiful birthday in the sunshine surrounded by visiting family, friends, sun, chocolate cake and the ice cream van! Not bad really!

Dorina Gets Published!

June 9, 2021

Our brilliant Dorina has written a letter to Abergavenny Chronicle that was published regarding the memorial of the Normandy Landings and the impact the Coronavirus has had on veterans being able to unite to commemorate and share their memories.  I won’t try and do it justice – but please take time to read the remarkable…

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