Enjoying the Autumn Colours

I managed to catch up with two of our energetic Day Care Centre guests this morning, taking full advantage of autumn’s array of transformative colours, all the better in bright, still warm sunshine. As with many of our guests, the simple joy of ambling through our gardens is a lovely precursor to a hearty lunch. One’s appetite piqued, as they say. Simple fresh air too, definitely not to be underestimated. In the round there is nothing quite like both recognising and thoroughly enjoying the outside space we have at Penpergwm House before we are to contend with the darker, colder, winter months. That isn’t to say that those intrepid lovers of nature, knowing the heartiness of a bracing walk, will not feign from donning coats and hats, far from it. In fact I have an assurance this morning, if, and it might well be the case, that if the snow falls as it did last winterit will not hold us back in the least. That leathery crunch of snow underfoot; the birds foraging, surviving in the true sense of the word is surely enough to imbue us with a sheer and insatiable gratitude for things whatever the season. And what better way, then, to see the mountains, Mynydd y Garn-Fawr and The Blorenge in its ermine white cloak while chatting, red-cheeked and contented with friends new and old.


Of course you are welcome to join us anytime you like. We’ll put the kettle on…

Mark Chandler

Day Care Coordinator