Domiciliary Care Worker (Bank)

Job Purpose: To provide a quality service of direct care for clients in their own homes.

Reporting to: The Manager

Line Manager: Care Coordinator

Responsible for: The safety and well-being of our clients delivered in accordance with your training, contract of employment, job description and client care plans.

“Code of Practice” Rules of Working
There are some critical rules which must be followed when undertaking this role. Each staff member will be issued with a Code of Practice Booklet published by the Social Care Wales. You are responsible for ensuring you follow this Code of Practice.

Job Responsibilities:
• Treat the client with Dignity, Respect and Politeness at all times.
• Ensure Punctuality and Respect the clients’ wishes.
• Prompting and Administering Medication.
• Report and Record any Health & Safety concerns regarding the client and/or their home and the equipment contained within in.
• Report to the Home Care Office any concerns regarding the clients mental and/or physical wellbeing.
• Complete duties 1 to 10 on the General Duties Section and all other duties following the client’s Support Plan.
• Complete all statutory training, as provided by the Company, and any additional training required based on the client’s needs.
• Work in accordance with the Company’s Policies and Procedures.

Person Specification:
• Empathy with elders
• Honesty and trustworthiness
• Able to uphold clients wishes
• Illustrates respect for privacy and dignity
• Evidence reliability and dependability
• Able to work as part of a team
• Able to work unsupervised
• Able to follow instructions and record and report accurately
• Demonstrates good practical skills
• Awareness of Health and Safety Standards required
• Awareness of, and capable of promoting Equal Opportunities
• Current valid driving license and own transportation, suitably maintained, taxed and insured*
(business cover required). Unless specifically employed at a ‘walker’

General Duties:
Domiciliary Care Workers will be expected to perform a wide variety of duties, including;

1. Shopping
This can include groceries and/or prescriptions etc.

2. Personal Care
Such as bathing, washing, dressing or undressing.

3. Meal Preparation
All meal preparations are to be undertaken with the client’s choice as the focus and with nutritional content. Meals can be prepared and left for later as the client wishes.

4. Laundry / Domestic
Laundry and domestic duties are carried out in accordance with the client care plan. Clients are made aware of lifting restrictions and Care Support Workers are trained in manual handling and should observe Health & Safety rules at all times. Cleaning of out of reach windows is not to be undertaken.

5. Medication Prompting
Care Support Workers are not expected to complete any work that it is felt a medically qualified person should perform. This sort of visit is just to prompt the client to ensure they are taking their medication at the times they are supposed to.
Ensure you follow the Medication Policy at all times and record EVERY medication prompted or administered.

6. Client Safety Visits
This visit is usually a short visit to ensure that the client is safe and well. These kinds of visits are put in place for those clients who are believed to be particularly vulnerable or susceptible to being in a potentially dangerous situation. For example – falling out of bed, leaving the gas on, leaving the cooker on overnight or not locking their doors.