Celebrating Dorina @ 100

Happy Birthday to Dorina

Dorina’s amazing life is like something from a novel, with her wonderful associations with France, USA and Great Britain – we could all listen to her stories for hours. From marrying her beloved Jean-Paul in a thunderstorm, at the top of skyscraper for just over 2 dollars in Manhatten, to then be questioned by the FBI for not asking permission to do so!…to her extraordinary nursing tales and her wonderful legacy as a Brown Owl for the Girl Guides for 16 years. She is also a semi-professional pianist who appreciates and understands classical music.  So, as always, our amazing Nikki, tried to encapsulate all these areas of Dorina’s 100 years in her cake.  She was so touched by it and helped us get the central Brown Owl badge for it.  We are pretty certain that she thoroughly enjoyed her present of harpist Bethan, who captured Dorina’s wishes and was exactly the ticket to celebrate this momentous day and played quite beautifully.  Please do enjoy a snippet of what the Residents did.

Harp Concert