Covid-19 Update

Penpergwm House has to date not had Covid-19 and we are very proud of getting through 18 months without the infection invading our Home.  We follow the guidance from Public Health Wales and Welsh Government very closely and continue to do so in order to keep our Residents safe.

Current Status –  September 2021

  • 98% current Residents are double vaccinated (Oxford Astrazeneca)
  • 98%  Staff are double vaccinated (Pfizer)
  • Every member of staff on site is PCR tested once a week and LFD tested a further two times a week
  • Masks are worn at all times within the Resident’s Home
  • Any Resident or new Client who returns from hospital self-isolates in their room for 14 days – to be updated
  • Any new admission from the community who has been double vaccinated, will NO LONGER have to self-isolate for 14 days
  • Full PPE is worn by EVERY member of staff for any Resident who is self isolating and is worn correctly.  You will have lots of visitors if self isolating don’t you worry!

(updated 10th August 2021)

Going Out Policy

Visit Type Arrange with LFD Test Arrival Time Duration of visit Visitor Numbers Parking Location Physical Contact PPE Visit Declaration Other
Video Call Office No N/A Unlimited N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Penpergwm will call when client is ready
Window Office No 10 mins before, stay in vehicle, phone to advise arrival Unlimited Unlimited Front car park No No No Communication through window using telephones.

New Gazebo is now in place to help with the odd shower or heatwave!

Office No 10 mins before, stay in vehicle, phone to advise arrival. Flexible depending on demand Unlimited Rear car park Yes

If holding hands, face masks to be worn

No Yes Wait at rear gate for a staff member to escort you to seating area.
The 2 metre Social Distance rule must be observed throughout the visit
 i.e. stay on the opposite side of the table and do not pass anything to the client
Walk Around We would be delighted if you wanted to continue your visit with a walk (or wheel) around our Garden and grounds with your relative, for an extended time.
Indoor Visiting


Office Yes 30 mins before  to accommodate testing, stay in vehicle, phone to advise arrival. Updated:

Depending on capacity & numbers of visitors  we will locate you in varying locations.


Visitors are now allowed inside but are asked to continue to respect social distance, hand hygiene etc during the visit.

Either car park Yes Once seated face coverings may be removed and only worn if hand holding or when you leave Yes You will be provided with  a disposable face covering and required to wash your hands before your visit in our facilities.
Note: We do support visits from children and young people. However, it is generally preferable to avoid indoor visits from young children because it can be difficult for them to socially distance. Please let us try and agree visits involving children in advance, so this can be risk assessed. Babies and very young infants do not need to be counted as an additional visitor, where designated visitor restrictions are in place.