Local Choir Come Caroling

We were not able to have the full Gwent Bach Society choir attend PH this year for obvious reasons as they are a very large choir – but that wasn’t going to stop us amending the structure in order for the Residents to enjoy some pre Christmas carols.  The garden room was PACKED as so many of our clients enjoy not only the festive season but the familiarity of hymns they all know so well.  We had a 5 members of two combined choirs who were marvellous – including previous owner Priscilla Llewelyn, who is a long term member of GBS and masterminded the smaller group being able to attend.

A really enjoyable early evening of carols – where the Residents enjoyed joining in and the choir remained socially distanced so masks didn’t restrict the joy of the music.  God willing next time we will be able to be more of our normal hospitable selves with mulled wine and mince pies….