Making all the difference

We often receive wonderful responses from our clients, friends and relatives but making a real difference to the quality of our client’s lives are what we strive for and below shows a recent reflection of doing just that…

Please note that finer personal details have been removed, for respectful purposes.

Just to thank all of you at Penpergwm for the help and friendship you gave to John. I know, because of his condition, he was not always the easiest to deal with physically, but he always looked forward to and enjoyed his days with you.

The care and emphasis you placed on keeping John mobile was exemplary – it is recommended in the literature but not often available, especially the massage! And the Jacuzzi!

I know John would want me to thank you all, not just for the help but also for the friendships he made. I would also like to add my thanks to that as it was such a comfort to know that not only was it a ‘respite care’ day for me, but something that John actively looked forward to.

Many, many thanks,