Nothing is too much trouble…with Penpergwm Home Care

We talk of a bespoke service at Penpergwm House, but we hoped this might give a glimpse of how we really mean it.  Just before Christmas, Mrs Joan Tutton had given up hope of being able to attend the wedding of her grandson but that doesn’t stop Penpergwm Home Care!  One of our super Care Support workers, Anita, was able to accompany Mrs Tutton throughout a 10 hour day, driving her there and back in one of our company vehicles – Cinderella was able to go to the ball!

Joan happily shared with us that Penpergwm House are the ideal company to provide a bespoke service like this and that she will continue to use our services in the future to help her be able to carry on “with life.”  Joan disclosed to Anita that she felt like she hadn’t really got a life anymore until now, but thanks to us, and that she was eternally grateful to Penpergwm and that she now feels she does have a life again!  She couldn’t believe how we bent over backwards to make sure all her needs were met.

Joan’s family were so welcoming and grateful for taking her to the wedding, they even booked an extra place at the table for Anita to sit between Joan and Keith, so she was able to keep them both company and make sure they were both safe and well looked after.  Joan also commented on how much she appreciated the straight forward, fantastic journey and how the whole day was made so easy for them.

We will always go above and beyond to support our clients and their wishes…and we were delighted to be able to support Joan and her family to have such a special time together and celebrate the marriage of her grandson.