We are DONE!

We just wanted to share the wonderful news that ALL our Residents are fully vaccinated – 2nd dose complete this afternoon!  It has been a precarious week – not knowing if it would go ahead but we are over the final hurdle.  As before, the Aneurin Bevan team were fantastically efficient and grateful for our support and so full of praise for our Residents and our Home.  I am sorry we have been so covert about this second jab – but we just didn’t want to tempt fate and knew we had to keep schtum until the deed had been done!  The staff across the company are also now 100% vaccinated as well.

Tracey and I feel so proud of them all and the staff for getting to this point without Covid19 entering our building and we pray that we can open up in the coming for weeks for you to be able to come and see us all for yourselves.  We are a very relieved and completely vaccinated team at PH!