The PH Midsummer Ball

With the passing of the Summer Solstice this week, we thought we’d celebrate, ever-so belatedly with a Midsummer Ball outside in our beautiful, mature gardens. As we all know, however, the words ‘British’, ‘Garden’ and ‘Celebrate’ usually trail a caveat word or warning: ‘Weather’. Luckily, it does seem the sun was in celebratory mood – and continues to be – himself lately and so all hands to the pump, or, more specifically to the barbecue lunch and drinks afterwards to watch the show…

Helping us celebrate outside in the glorious weather was The Forest of Dean Jive Club. As the temperature rose and the exertions began to show, with pit stops for water and the mopping of brows, it was clear that The Forest of Dean Jive Club was really being enjoyed by all. Many recounted their own forays into the world of dance, bygone eras dressed in fine attire under the spinning stars of ballroom lights or, jivers onetime themselves, one or two said. In short, it was a splendid and entertaining afternoon, a true taste of summer, this one and perhaps more than one or two summer memories from the 1950s and 1960s.

Mark Chandler – Day Care Co-ordinator