Therapeutic Art Classes

It has often been stated by various means, John Berger for one, where words falter art flourishes; and, arguably, where great art manifests is in between this mysterious middle ground of individual creativity. But of course the basic act of expression, whatever the medium used, whatever the results, can be extremely beneficial in improving mental, physical and emotional health for the individual concerned.

At Penpergwm House, we not only understand this foundational concept but eagerly promote arts and crafts throughout the week as part of our busy activities programme. Water and oil painting classes are well attended in our tremendous purpose built “studio”, flush with natural light. Indeed, it is quite something to observe the calm attentiveness by which our

residents set to the task of creating, highlighting as it does the stark difference in individual expression. Under the diligent guidance of our Activities & Wellbeing Manager, Kim Newton, this very individualism in colour, shape and form is celebrated and encouraged no matter the level of ability. What’s more, as with all our staff, trained in house to a high standard of care, each comes to appreciate the value of treating our residents as unique individuals.

So, an afternoon flies by in one of our art classes, albeit open to interpretation, and totally representative of the artist’s individual viewpoint: therefore truly person-centred in every way.